How do you juggle your business in France?

Communicating is key to your business. You can strengthen your French/English communication skills. Our consultants provide native insight regarding English to French Marketing and help you scale up in oral agility and thus leadership.

“Today’s achievements in the business world are not solely based on the sum of qualities and effectiveness of products and services. They result from systemic interactions between the true value of a proposal and the relationships among individuals, and the vector is language.”

Sabine Kennedy, Founder, ICF Coach, ESSEC

Our approach

360° matrix approach to provide solutions for companies targeting French or English-speaking markets. Behind the scenes a lot goes on to get you to where you need to be.

The alliance of our innate French/English knowledge and best practices track records combined with your expertise of your domain leads to results. Personalized cognitive profiles for communication training or coaching and corporate ID analysis for consulting missions serve as a basis. If communication and people are at the core of your request, we should talk. Together we sort out the true issues to tackle. We come back with solution options and work with you to roll out the game plan. Whether your challenge is to gain confidence for a key public presentation or to revamp your communication material for a French audience, we will help you JUGGLE.

Our “THINK ENGLISH – THINK FRENCH” motto is what drives us and what lets our clients go above and beyond expectations when it comes to communicating effectively and authentically.

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